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  1. @ the mad momma: Hahahaha! I can imagine you’d have a tough time doing that. Celebrities can’t be expected to shake hands with all their fans! 😀 Actually I confess to not always following my own golden rules. But what the hell..I aspire to, anyway!! When I have the time, I often go back to old posts simply to check the links of the people who’ve commented. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t. I don’t always comment, am quite a lurker and apparantly it isn’t a good thing.

  2. great post. agree with every word. the return visit one is polite and you’re absolutely right. but it drives me nuts. i barely get time to write my own longwinded (!) posts and then return visits…

    what do you do if you return a visit and dont like what you read? do you politely keep it up just because they visit you often? or can you be done with it?

    please tell me i dont have to keep going back if i dont like what i read 🙁

  3. You forgot the one about how “people are rarely who they purport to be online. So take everything, whether you’re a blogger or a reader, with a pinch of salt.” 🙂

    Seriously, I wish more people would realise this. Would keep both disputes and blog-flirting from getting uncomfortably personal.

  4. @ Deepika: It’s never too late to say sorry especially on a blog where the words will stay as long as you let them. 🙂 I have nothing against expressing one’s point of view even if it contradicts the post. I don’t like rudeness though.

    @ Pritam: I guess it’s easy to slip up when one is in a comfort mode and forget that there is a real person at the other end of the post who might be hurt by one’s brash words? All of us could do with a gentle reminder now and then.

    @ chennairamblings. Bloggers are human; trolls are not!! 🙂

    @ Ravi: I’ve mailed it to you. Hope it helps!

    @ Ashwin: Thus spake the creator of the chaos! 😀

  5. I of course meant to post this in your next post about Sandman and his lot. i blame the lack of sleep at 4 AM for this.


  6. Symptom 1 – Wanting to spend hours at Landmark reading all that they have.

    Symptom 2 – Quoting them on your blog and commiting quotes to memory

    Bwahahaa… another one transmogrified into a mindless comic reading fiend. One hundred million more to go.

  7. Gr8 Guide 🙂

    By the way, I need some help from you, buddy..

    Which plug in are you using to have this “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” under the Reply option?

    Any help is much appreciated, mam 🙂

    Take care!

  8. @IS
    Seriously, that sucks,
    One would expect bloggers to know better, but then as someone pointed out once, bloggers are just human beings, as fallible as the rest.

  9. Hi,

    I liked the list. We all know what’s right and what’s not. But I always need someone to recall those things that are correct and what one should do.
    Thanks for doing that. Hope I adhere to your advice for long.

  10. This was a pretty exhaustive list of blogosphere etiquette..I appreciate it. Particularly the one about leaving nasty comments…sometimes I think I go overboard with expressing my POV on someone’s’s not about the WAY they write but WHAT they write. Liek the other a friend wrote about how amazing he thinks LOVE is and how enchanting and how surreal etc. etc and a cynic as I am…I blasted out on his blog. I repent doing that big time.

  11. @ alazyguy: Point taken. I can’t lay down the law for anyone, only express my preferences and perhaps my response to other people’s behaviour.

    @ Brad: It was a ‘take it or leave it’ post on the lines of a suggestion rather than a code of rules. You notice I tempered down my trademark sharp tongue. No, it wasn’t targetting anyone in particular. Like the post says, I see so many people doing these things, I thought somebody better make a list of uppers and downers in blogging behaviour.

    @ chennairamblings: It really gets my goat that people can’t respect anonymity. I mean….it doesn’t need a genius to figure that out, hey? Someone did that to me after a bloggers’ meet as well.

  12. Loved the troll part since I used to blog anonymously.
    However Rambler has been luckier than me, certain people linked back to me with my real name 🙁
    But that has not made me quit, rather I just got nastier…

  13. In response to your comment to ‘Alazyguy’ – I thought the article was more or less on the lines of ‘take it or leave it’; and didn’t really think it to be preachy. I am not sure why do you say ‘…sorry to be preachy…but some people need to be told…’ Was this post directed toward somebody specific? Coz’ it definitely doesn’t seem like a lash-out as written by this particular blogger

  14. Incorrect interpretation.

    My dad is one of the most wisest guys I have known. It is just I realize it a bit late.

    I never said that you should be sorry for being preachy.

    PS: Well if things still aren’t clear – in plain words, I think I will take my time to figure out the wisdom in these words. As of now, I am sure I am going to err.

  15. @ ??!: Oh errr sorry! Go ahead and post anyway, I’m sure you’ll have something different to say!

    @ Noshtradamus: Thank you! I’ve been following your blog on my reader for a good while now though I can’t remember how I got to it. I’ve linked your post to DesiPundit today, by the way!

    @ Alazyguy: Sorry to be preachy but some people need to be told.

    @ Rambler: I suspect some of that is true for me as well. But a few big bloggers recently quit because some jerk of a troll blew their anonymity away. That makes me go Grrrr…..!

  16. I should really thank all my readers for “Trolls keep out”, As I blog anonymously and many people from my work read my blog not knowing its me, it becomes extremely important.

  17. Drink milk – it is good for your health. Stop watching TV. Sit and study. Don’t talk for so long on the phone.

    Somehow this blog reminds me of my dad – and though I like him, to hell with his suggestions.

    I want to learn myself.

    PS: I am very polite and sweet in front of my dad – and he thinks I have followed whatever he preaches :).

  18. Thanks IdeaSmith, Blogetiquette is something we can really do with all around, and your post is a great reminder/learning.

    ps. I found your post while doing a “return visit” 🙂