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  1. A question from a fellow wordpress user: What plugin do you use to get the “Table of Contents” for a series of blog posts?
    I tend to write posts in series too and its an awesome feature to help the reader with continuity.

    Also, I have been following your blog & twitter for a while now and besides from your writing which I think is awesome; Lots of features that I hv implemented in my blog hv come directly/indirectly from you 🙂 Thanks for everything and keep writing 🙂

    1. @Haas: Actually that is something I’m going to address in a future post. I’ll answer your query on a personal email. That aside, thank you very much! I often wonder who is out there reading and what they think. The changes and tweaks I make usually don’t get any noticeable response (except when something goes horribly wrong!) so this is really gratifying! 🙂 I do hope you’ll comment again and also feel free to shoot me any other questions you may have.