Anger can destroy everything in my line of sight,
in one magnificent explosion
Or it can eat into life itself, silently
like a single drop of acid on your skin every day.

17 thoughts on “Flow control”
  1. @ apoorva : he he…..naahi bhai. No explosion, No acid. Now it’d be just Ideasmithy n Ideasmith getting married ;P
    Er….invitation kab mil rahi hai? I’m soo hungreeee πŸ˜€

  2. grrrr u jokers….for the last time, Idea-smithy is a place not a person!! Of course chronic thinkers are plentiful and I’ve no intention of getting hitched to another!

  3. Smithy, you just rejected a match made in heaven! *more explosions*

    @ Sen: If the alliance does happen, I wonder what their kids would be named? πŸ˜‰

  4. aaaaaauuughhhh…..Monsieur IdeaSmith is a stud.
    I just read some of his posts at that blog.
    And fell off from my chair.

    Smithy dearie , you won’t find a more precious gem ever.Never.The find of the century.Hail Apoorva !

  5. Alright you funny men, I’ve visited both the above sites and confirmed that they’re two different guys..and noooooo, I don’t want to marry either of them, let along name the-kids-that-never-were!!!

  6. (can’t add to the prev comment) Ouias, IdeaSmithy is a place, but it is not a workover on your name!? (Just curious)

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