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  1. Hey, Just happened to read all your recent Relationship Posts. I felt compelled to send you a message- because I am literally going through the same thing, an engagement that broke up 4-5 months ago, after a very happy 2 year relationship with its usual ups and downs. I can somehow relate to a lot that you say- the okay and not okay with it- and mostly the attempt to move on, build a new life, and a new identity.

    In my time immediately post the break up, I found there were several around the web who couldn’t deal with just as well (and well of course is relative) but what I want to say is no you’re not alone.

    I wish we could all find out why, and mostly why at all- why did it have to come to an engagement if it wasn’t meant to be, but I’m glad we’re writing about it so someone somewhere knows they are not alone.

    Because the aftermath of a very exciting moment gone wrong very soon after is devastating. There’s no other word for that.

    Take care.