black floral hand mehndi wedding bride

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  1. I do not agree with you on many counts here,

    “how many actually understand what is being recited”, Having been married not too long ago, I clearly remember making it a point to listen to most of the things being recited and understanding most of it, if not 100%, most of it, and was actually impressed with the idea and philosophy behind many of those mantras.
    Weddings are not a mass level entertainment, its more of a social celebration, of involving people who matter to you in your enjoyment. I am not saying that I agree with the wastage of money and the food which happens commonly these days, but social gathering as such isn’t a problem according to me.
    Regarding the gold, I do not think 100% of the marriages gold is given for the sake of investment, I have seen many a cases when people use these occasions to buy things. Its like when we were kids we used to get new clothes for festivals, not that my parents could not buy them on a normal day, its just a practice and many of us actually enjoyed it.
    “A ritual without meaning is just a farce” Agreed, so why not try to understand the meaning behind it. There are people who have done PHD’s on the true meaning of these.

  2. The photographs and the ghodis might be a artifical, however the ritual of marriage itself is not. Maybe you havebt found the right person to throw the question at. Having had to learn sanskrit from a very early age, my hubby and I understood every hymn that was chanted, and every promise that we were asked to give the other. The very beauty of “naaticharaami’ which means ‘ I shall not leave’ (you) wherein the husband tells his wife that he shall not leave her for money, righteousness,lust or even salvation – dharmecha,arthecha, kaamecha, mokshecha naaticharaami is enough to to be felt and understood. Now you might say, that all these can be achieved without marriage, why marry to make this promise? Agree. Marriage, however formalises this promise. Like an agreement written on paper, the words symbolise to all the world ( or whoever is present atleast) that the man is now bound to the woman by his side.
    Having once been on the other side of marriage, and now being on this side- I come to realise that it isn’t the institution, it is the couple involved who make or break lives. A marriage requires you to work for it -be selfless, put the other before you- put the ego aside and put ur heart on the line. Marriage might have its pitfalls, but when you have the right person with you, it is anything but unholy.I cld go on and on, but I’m too tired typing on the tiny buttons of my BB! Which prolly is a good thing by now!