Application form

I had to fill out an application form for my yoga class. Thankfully it looked short and simple. So I began.

Name….Age…Gender…Address…Telephone number (brain on auto-pilot for all of these)

then the specifics

Food habits….health problems, if any…..(nothing new to report)

and this short section in the end took me entirely by surprise…how do the cricket-maniacs put it? A total googly? Something like that (pardon this cricket-o-phobic)

What do you like doing?

*Brows furrowed, chewing pen* I wrote “Reading, writing, music, painting”

And the last question was:

How many hours do you spend doing what you like doing:
– Per day
– Per week
– Per month

I was floored. And it has been on my mind ever since.

What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand or stare?

Sometimes the simplest cues can lead you to some major discoveries. I forgot that a life without fun and pleasure is no life at all; it is a godamn business organizer with no room for smudges or spontaneity.

I love painting. There is a certain sense of freedom, creative and spiritual that I experience from giving in to the magic of colours. It is a powerful experience…not caring about paint smudges or water on the floor or colouring outside the lines. It is a wonderous realization that order can create perfection but beauty comes from the unfettered, the unplanned, the spontaneous…the free spirit.

I think I’ve found a way out of the dungeon. Here’s one result:

For anyone who is interested, this is fabric paint on a cotton blouse. Painting this gave me more satisfaction than seeing the bonus on my paycheck.

17 thoughts on “Application form

  1. painting provides a high that is not oft found in anything else… it may be the utter focus that painting elicits – the immersion of the brain and soul into the confines of a few lines, without any heed to the world around. whatever it is, it is a superior feeling.

    could not help but notice the coincidence: the previous two fellers that have left their comments and littlecow used to live next door to each other and now, we leave 3 comments one after the other sitting in three time zones and a thousand miles apart… it could either point to a cosmic miracle or to the utter joblessness of 3 people. πŸ™‚

  2. now ideasmith can paint t-shirts too haan? so do you paint 5 t-shirts all at the same time (just like blogging) or is it one at a time…

    and what happened to your “anti-south-indian” theme… this one is so mallu… and it is zimbly fandastic… fabouloussss & superrrrrrrp…

    i will give u a tee and can u paint sameera reddy for me? it will be a ‘win-win’ deal πŸ˜‰

  3. sorry… but that was not as it sounds like… it just isn’t…
    my first attempt with plagiarism… and i get caught with my pants down…
    that does not sound cool..
    sorry again

  4. Was wondering how do you manage blogs at this scale… I have not been able to keep one in shape…
    and about being brutal… written words have a impact different from verbal ones.. in the sense that they can be read again…
    And I believe the apology was proper and should have been accepted…

  5. Hey, I am becoming an anywayz there was this reference to a dialogue..or shud i say monologue in castaway.. and though I must have watched it a coupla times.. I missed it completely.. mebbe bcos i just love helen hunt..
    but I agree its profound in a way… nothing complex.. only simple things can be…

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