Damning Darwin

Everyone wants something, someone, someplace, someday.

I’ve said once that

When I want someone or something
I want it like I want air to breathe

and that

I’ve been asphyxiating for far too long

I don’t want to choke
I don’t want to claw at others and be clawed at, for wanting the same thing

Too many people want something when and because other people want it too. I won’t be one of them, I will not. My life will not be a chase for status symbols, much less about reducing relationships, success, satisfaction and joy into things to be possessed.

But can I submerge what I want, simply because someone else wants it too? Do I have that in me? No, I’m no martyr.

Can I also forget how hungry and deprived I’ve felt
When someone got something I wanted very badly
And can I enjoy what I have in the knowledge that somewhere, somehow, I’ve made a beggar out of someone?

Must it always be a race, a battle for survival?
And if so, why was I one of Darwin’s chosen ones?
I’d probably never appreciate something that I got too easily
But when it comes this difficult, will I ever be at peace to enjoy it?

There is really way too much to want
And too little to go around

Yes, everyone gets tired of waiting. I have and I won’t let myself forget that even when I get what I want. A lot of other people are still waiting.

Darwin can go to hell.

8 thoughts on “Damning Darwin

  1. hey, comment disappeared… so here goes again, listen to this weirdness.. i read this and remembered something i had read long ago and liked, and thought had a connection with this.. so i checked my ‘ words i like’ file and found it was part of something…since i thought it wouldnt be nice not to mention the source, i did a google and found this.
    ideasmithy – nov 2005 – games i play


  2. …and what goes around never comes around to you (yoooouuuuu)….

    insert alanis morisette powerful yet nasal voice

    you go girl, make darwin kneel!!

  3. @ Manuscrypts: Do I repeat myself? Do I contradict myself? I’m just us.

    @ Someonearbit: In laughter you mean? πŸ˜‰

    @ Sakshi: Haan, sometimes we say such things…

    @ Lost_brownie: That’s heartening. πŸ™‚

    @ Chronicus Skepticus: That’s a thought now. Not exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the post, but I like it anyway.

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