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  1. @ Manuscrypts: Do I repeat myself? Do I contradict myself? I’m just us.

    @ Someonearbit: In laughter you mean? 😉

    @ Sakshi: Haan, sometimes we say such things…

    @ Lost_brownie: That’s heartening. 🙂

    @ Chronicus Skepticus: That’s a thought now. Not exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the post, but I like it anyway.

  2. …and what goes around never comes around to you (yoooouuuuu)….

    insert alanis morisette powerful yet nasal voice

    you go girl, make darwin kneel!!

  3. hey, comment disappeared… so here goes again, listen to this weirdness.. i read this and remembered something i had read long ago and liked, and thought had a connection with this.. so i checked my ‘ words i like’ file and found it was part of something…since i thought it wouldnt be nice not to mention the source, i did a google and found this.
    ideasmithy – nov 2005 – games i play