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  1. “…What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed…”, sums up the post. And, yes the Idea ad does bring a smile to your face

  2. This is a festival, which if it were to be celebrated in the full spirit of what it was intended to be would rock the world. Unfortunately, as you rightly say, commercialism has put its roots in there and the concept has been made a travesty of. I find myself cringing whenever a festival comes around and more so when the so-called women-oriented festivals do. Karva-chauth, teej and company make me shudder. They bring to mind heightened chauvinism and parochialism, things my father always raged against and managed to instill in me a complete dislike of. Just my 2 lil cents…

  3. Helloz! 🙂

    Raksha-bandhan stands for the bond of protection that a brother offers his sister.

    Raksha-bandhan stands for the bond of protection that a Sister asks for, from her brother.

    and Rakhi is a symbol of that Bond of Protection…but…. from whom …. ???! only a girl can tell that! but does she often … ?!

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