A shoulder to cry on

An email conversation

IdeaSmith writes:
Re: Sleep deprivation affects performance

Hmph….I so wish the powers-that-be would believe in this.

Fresh update:
The trip is off. Z isn’t taking my calls. Everyone in office is out for lunch while I await an angry client’s call. I have a stomach upset. And I’m glad you’re not on the phone and having to listen to my crib-fest.



Five minutes later, there’s a new mail.
Re: Re: Sleep deprivation affects performance

Assuming I was on the phone, this is what I would say:

a. I’m sure you’ll get to to France some other time. Enjoy the London bit completely. See if you can afford to pay a little extra and stay on for a few more days. AB was there a few months back. Check with her or let me know if you want me to connect with her.

b. All men-whether Z or A are insensitive pigs…let them be !

c. An angry client is better than an irritating bf. At least he is speaking to you. I am sure you’ll handle him.

d. The stomach upset is because of a, b and c. Not one of these are worth losing your sleep or ruining your health over. Eat something, go home and sleep early and everything will seem a hundred times better tomorrow.

Since I am not :

e.I am glad about point 5 too…:)

P.s. Call me whenever you want to.Unlike the other Z, I’ll definitely try and answer your call .. 🙂

– Z


I definitely know all of those. But hearing it from someone else can make the difference about actually believing it. And remind you of why one close girlfriend is worth at least 20 boyfriends.

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  1. I am hopin’ that you defended the A.E. when Z made a comment on ‘all men’ being insensitive pigs! I am definitely not a pig! 😛 Give us a call, lady, if you wanna up the spirits-factor!

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