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  1. er, i (predictably?) dont quite agree with a lot of what you mention with regard to feminism… but letting that pass, its nice that youre back and writing!


  2. hi Ideasmith!

    Been following your blog for a while and like the posts. I think the reason I enjoy ur posts is b’coz I relate to them quite a bit.

    Coming to this post pretty insightful and well written. In a way it might be better to have known so many people before actually finding that special someone. Helps one evolve in a number of ways.

    keep hitting

  3. insightful and integral….nice post…while it helps to look at such events from such a perspective, also helps to “see” what “magnetizations” fundamental patterns within us tend to attract…i feel we magnetize events and people in our lives through our subconscious “needs of learning” of the moment…