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  1. Relationships are often complicated than not– your post talks about issues relevant to our situation today.

    Stopping by via the AZ challenge. Please let us know if you intend to participate, cos we’re cleaning the list of non participants right now.

    Should you decide to take part, place the challenge badge in your sidebar.

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014

    Twitter: @damyantig

        1. @Damayanti: Sure. Perhaps the confusion is because I run two blogs, both my personal ones but on different topics. The Idea-smithy is fiction, cityscapes and general life musings. XX Factor is gender politics, feminism and relationships. So far I’ve posted two stories so they go on The Idea-smithy. In the course of the month, I may post on XX Factor, if the material fits there better. Is that okay?

          Day 1:

          Day 2:

          1. Hi,
            I’m sorry but so as not to confuse those who are participating, we require that you participate only in the blogs that you have signed up at the list.

            Is this blog not signed up?

          2. @Damyanti: Both the blogs are signed up. I’m the author of both blogs. The only reason they’re two is because my service didn’t allow categories when I first started blogging. And I was intending to write through the month, just not yet sure on what topics. Depending on the topic, they’d go on one or the other blog.

            Just FYI, the links are:

            The Idea-smithy:
            XX Factor:

          3. Usually, the idea is to participate with a blog with 26 posts– that’s the challenge. I’m participating with two blogs as well, but both blogs have 26 posts each.

            The spirit of the challenge is to do 26 posts on 1 blog, not divide it up on two blogs. Usually we take out blogs from the list that don’t participate everyday, so by divvying your posts, your blogs might get eliminated.

            I would suggest you keep one or the other blog, or make 26 posts on each, cos that’s the challenge.