L is for Letters I’ll Never Send

I’m falling utterly behind. So I decided to post this already written story and catch up on the missing three later. Here’s another attempt at epistolary, this time in a more traditional, simple manner. Two letters I give you for today’s A to Z Challenge in the form of L is for Letters I’ll never ... Read More

A Professional Woman

A fortnight ago, a friend and I parted ways. He came to me, looking for comforting, for sympathy. I gave him instead, honesty. Words were exchanged and the friendship is now a thing of the past. The thing is, I never offered comfort or sympathy, only outright, unvarnished honesty. We’ve spoken of it. He’s pointed ... Read More

K is for Kitne Aadmi The?

Have you heard of Tall Tales? They are stories based on wild, unrealistic exaggeration which cause mirth and entertainment for their readers. Tall Tales are part of popular American folklore. I’ve been wanting to try the format so here it is. I’ve picked a basic concept from one of India’s most popular stories, the film ... Read More

H is for Happiness

I usually avoid religious references in my writing and on my blog. But this one was an idea that really appealed to me. I struggled with H on the A to Z Challenge, before deciding to settle on the most peaceful, simplest (but hardest) word of all – Happiness. And I could only think of ... Read More

When Douchey Men Have Daughters

Once a guy broke my heart. Several years later, I learnt that he had had a daughter. And I thought it served him right. Divine justice, I called it. I’ll be the last person to say it’s a bad thing to have a daughter. But I can’t think of a more fitting serving of justice ... Read More

G is for Gift

You will recognise the story. I did this as part of an exercise to try out the epistolary format. Now here it is, for the A to Z Challengeย as G is for Gift. Tell me what you think. ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ G is for Gift MumbaiHotshots.com ——————————————————————————————————————— Posted by: Prerna Natarajan Posted on: 15:31, 28 January Subject: ... Read More

F is for Fear Economy

In my previous storython last May, I created a fantasy world called Feardom. (See story 1 and story 2 that I wrote then). This is another Feardom tale for the A to Z Challenge. In my first draft, I was told that the universe wasn’t clear enough. I’ve revised it since then, but just in ... Read More

E is for Evil

I’m really late with this one. This is E is for Evil, Saturday’s A to Z Challenge prompt. I struggled with finding the right E word. I wanted to do something dark and all the E words I could think of, were positive and bright (Exuberant. Elaborate. Excess.). Fortunately a friend suggested EVIL (how did ... Read More

D is for Dread

I’m rather late with today’s, having been struck down by a hot day and Andheri in general. But the delightful Jai Ranjit pushedย me to explore my creative limits and how can I resist a challenge? He gave me ‘D is for Dread‘ and challenged me to write a story that had a positive ending. Here’s ... Read More

C is for City

I had an idea for a non-fiction piece when I realised today’s A2ZChallenge prompt ‘C’ would carry a story version well, if I said it stood for City. Tell me what you think. ~O~O~O~O~O~ C is for City It was hot even at that hour. Summer was here. Rhea stared at the dial and patted ... Read More