Three’s Company

*Image (without text) via audfriday13 on I love him. I love her. He loves her. She loves him. They both adore me. We’re not a threesome or anything as radical as that. We’re three people who know each other from different times and places. There’s love and loyalty and warmth and sparks, some romantic, ... Read More

The Human Resources Princess

In my first year in college, one of my classmates laughed loudly and said, “I am only here to do two years of time pass before getting married. I don’t want to get so serious and all.” She was pretty, girly and fluttery. She was also the topper from a reputed engineering college. I rounded on ... Read More

#IdeaStory: Mermaid

You learnt to float, she yells, ducking under him smoothly. When she surfaces, he’s walking on the water. Away.

An Older Man

I went out with an older man, recently. The last time there was an older man was way back when. He didn’t add much to my life, except some invaluable professional wisdom (I was a new manager and in agony over it. He told me it wasn’t a popularity contest and that I needed my ... Read More

Minefield Hopping

“No day is safe from news of you” – The Rival, Sylvia Plath Our memories have burnt into my skin Moments of poisonous intensity Flying shrapnel War survivor From explosions of sin They are aflame with the acid of me Digital imprints of you Respond to other cues Screaming, Come back and hurt me Here’s ... Read More

I Want To Be A Modern, Female Superman…

…only in that I have a smartphone app called ‘PhoneBooth’ that lets me change clothes at lightning speed. *Images without text courtesy Gualberto107 (Phonebooth) and photostock (Clothes rack) on No, this is serious. I am friend, businesswoman, creative thinker, socially aware voice, family woman, hot single girl, gal pal and a host of other things. Each of ... Read More

#Ideastory: Wedding Gown

She took the towel he offered. And then his hand. White gown, still pristine in colour, if not form. He watched her peel it off, lace clinging to her curves. Trim the hem, she told him, it trips. And she tossed it to him as she wen to call the bride. Damn Titanic-themed weddings!

A Woman’s Right To Say No, Just No

*Image (without text) via Ambro on Here’s the latest accusation that falls on me – RUDE. Also, inconsiderate, unkind, impolite. Hang on, who is calling me all these names? Yes, men. But what kind of men? Men I’ve said NO to. These are NO to sexual advances. NO to implied interest. NO to having ... Read More

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