Hair raising on the tube

I’m practically de-sensitized to the trash overload from the television set. After all.. Got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from… But every now and then there comes along something that makes me sit up and take notice. It would have been a normal, frenzied rush-hour day just like another. And a ... Read More

A question of..a lot of questions, actually

A good conversation is one that leads to several more. And I had the benefit of one such conversation with the queen of desi blogdom. Do check out her starting post on what we were talking about, ending with a promise to take it furthur. I’ll put up my thoughts on this as well, shortly.

Sunrise over the Mumbai skyline

It seems almost pathetic to call the sight of satellite dish antennae, scaffolding rods and TV aerials beautiful. But that’s what the skyline in Mumbai looks like. And even for a jaded, gritty city-zen, the freshness of that undefinable colour of light creeping up behind the buildings before the sun is mesmerizing. And down below, ... Read More

Beauty parlour

Planning a rendezvous with a girlfriend. She is at the parlour and I have to wait till she gets done. I sit tight elsewhere and am most amused to hear her say, I think it will be an hour before I’m released!!! And if that sounds like parole from jail or release from the hospital, ... Read More

A Bibliophile’s Guide To Mumbai

It’s January and time for all of Mumbai’s iconic events. After the Mumbai Marathon and the Mumbai Festival comes the Strand Book sale. Book-lovers across the city have looked forward to this annual event far before the gleaming interiors of the other bookstores came into being. While on this, here’s something that was written sometime ... Read More

Barbie With A Brain

When I first chanced upon the Agony Aunt section in HT Cafe, I had to smile when I saw who was solving problems for the lovelorn. Kim Sharma!! Kim Sharma?? What sort of advice could she possibly give anyone? Then today I read an interview with her. You seem to have a mind of your ... Read More


No one hears the sound of heartbreak because hearts don’t break. They melt away, little by little, In the fires of Passion Anger Envy Desire Longing ……… and love. Same difference. No one knows, no one cares. So long as there’s enough left to keep your blood running and the fires burning.

IM crazy

Last week, I was told, You should really get used to distinguishing your online and offline life! And I wondered if I was spending too much time online. Only 8 hours+ at work. Some blogging on weekends. Who’s counting email? And now anyone in the world can see my chosen apparel for the day with ... Read More

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