So I did the #10YearChallenge. And this is what I figured out about myself.

I’ve not gained a lot of kilos in ten years. But I have accumulated memories that give me a certain jaded, wary, not-much-impresses-me-anymore look.
Let’s see – a transformative relationship, a failed engagement, two homes, three careers, two partnerships and one tattoo. Yes, the tattoo you see, was there a decade ago and even then it was an old one. I was simultaneously an aging soul and a newly minted developing human being.
2009 was the year I turned 30 and decided to stop letting numbers, designations, addresses and other such labels define me. As 2019 begins, I’m finding myself at a new crossroads and looking ahead to how I see myself and the most important thing in my life – my relationships.
You never stop learning. And I never seem to stop coming of age. The years fool you.
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3 thoughts on “10 Years Is A Long Time On A Ferris Wheel Called Life”
  1. Take pride Ramya and being who are you are, swimming against the waves and not let conservative relationships define you. Amazing that you haven’ taken kilos and envy you here. You blooming in Red and so pretty πŸ™‚

    1. @vishalbheeroo: Hehe, thank you! It’s hard to remember to stay serene though, with the constant messaging that I’m wrong. I guess worry does keep the weight down. 😝

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