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  1. i dont know how i ended up in your archives, but here i am. tattoo artists are funny. the one i went to told my friend that you shouldnt get anesthesia because if you dont feel the pain, you're not really earning it. i got my tattoo at almost 30… a tree of life. and no anesthesia… .loved every bit of the pain and the tattoo…. and yes, proud of it

  2. @ Andrew: That would depend on the artist, the intricacy of design, size and the colours used. You could google for tattoo artists in your region. I’d suggest going to someone who’s already done a tattoo for someone you know (that way you have an idea of how good they are). Also, most artists are perfectly willing to just chat with prospective customers about designs, costs and tattooing in general.

  3. How much is a tatoo?That goes all over the back?I want one with Merlin and a fire spewing dragon on top of a mountain,with a night sky as a background
    Omg…I missed a T in Tattoo…life as I knew it will come to a screeching halt…please help me… 🙂

  4. I SO badly wanted a dragon tatoo…but apparently my skin is too dark for the colors to show properly 🙁 oh well… I think your just the lady to carry the dragon around 🙂

  5. when i was 17, i had a boyfriend with tattoos all over and it made me want a tattoo…i thought, no, i might regret it when i grow up. when i was 34, i was drying my legs after a shower and it hit me: a cat on my ankle. i got my first tattoo at the age of 34. after my daughter died in 2001, my second tattoo followed, a turtle and her name, bekah, on my right wrist. now at 50, i’m ready for my third, a hawk and the first letters of all my boys’ [3 sons 2 grandsons] on my left wrist, with the same colors and font as bekah’s. self mutilation, self expression, memorialization. it’s my choice and i have no regrets.

  6. wow..
    i’ve always thought of getting a tattoo but ive refrained coz i’m scared ill get bored of it after a while..also needles are a BITCH.

    i think your tattoo design is fab..i guess everytime you feel like you’re being trapped and caught up in the conformities and formalities that this world’s made up of, all you have to do is just look at the tattoo and know that somewhere in there is a little fiery dragon..(but watch out for those flames;) )

  7. I m in office at 4.00 AM for a important migration…and see I got 2 mins time and I m reading ur blog…what can one do..u express that way…