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  1. I had to rebuild myself, body, mind and spirit and then regenerate a whole new world

    "The fluidity of the human Soul, the worst is not the worst, even though everything is lost, nothing is really lost!'

    At the time I set up Alphabet Sambar, all else in my life at the time was a trauma reaction or a survival mechanism

    "Separation made me discouraged too, and I found solace in Alphabet Sambar in the midst of art: lesser known truth, Art has always been a safe space for those who are broken and are persecuted by life! And Alphabet Sambar is a very good creative space and outlet for healthy human emotions and processing oneself'

    Alphabet Sambar became my first baby. Mine own, all by my unfiltered self

    "Also I decided to silently to depart from Instagram, and though am 22 my thoughts have been moving in the direction of not having kids, and am now of the impression that, there are things far more noble and important than having children, '

    Since the world had abandoned me, there was just me

    "Perhaps there is no place called home, sometimes'

    My stories became my personality outside myself that held me together when what was inside me was falling apart. And when I put the stories out into the world, it was like setting out on a raft into the middle of the ocean, I was found

    Alphabet Sambar became that life boat

    Stood witness for the anguish I was expressing in those stories

    I wanted the group to be for people like me who did not ( yet ) think of ourselves as writers. I was not wise enough to realise that it would attract people who were like me in deeper ways than that

    "You had been a very good influence on me Miss Smith personally, and in a tiny way, I think I can really call what you did as national service'

    As the years went by, Alphabet Sambar grew by leaps & bounds in numbers, geography & depth

    I am parent to a whole community

    "Of late I had been wondering on this very same issue, that I would be a greater blessing to the people of this nation, if I do not venture in the paths of procreation', there is joy and much good work can be done I guess if one is like Mr. Kalam and Newton'

    Building a space for people who loved words taught me the most about words, safety, people and about loving. A decade of it

    "Creation of safe spaces, I can't stress its significance enough'

    The hard lockdown months made bearable by our Google Meetings workshopping writing while a virus raged

    " I am deliberating on this too, like it feels stupid and absurd of me to be young and not have vision, its like having speed and no direction, and I feel as a country we are at a dangerous junction, my greatest fear is that overeducated tunnel visioned, young people are drifting towards anti social and hateful groups, because writing is synonymous to thinking, I guess creative writing is the only hope for this nation, to be saved from another genocide'

    The students who welcomed us into their campuses

    "Idea you know that, I have been waiting for the admission into my desired college, which is in Madras of course, and all I could think about is this, if I get into the college of my dreams, it means a greater responsibility on my part, and the college gives me easy inroads to other colleges, so maybe i can do some good work,'

    The group had to be closed because it was time

    Closing the WhatsApp group took a lot of mental energy

    Loved the ending with Steve Jobs quote "Stay hungry, stay foolish'

    1. @Harshaman: Thank you! I’ve been so caught up in the inner world of my daily fiction challenge (the Protected Posts), that I missed seeing this comment earlier.