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  1. Very beautifully expressed, everything from the need to express pain, validation and then going beyond it..and it was a pleasure reading this essay,somewhere I find it resonating with me.

      1. @Avantika Sinha: I didn’t realise you still read my blog. Hugs, love. And thank you for being a part of my life. And yes, at your first comment, I clicked on the link hoping to partake of the same pleasure (of reading your life in your words) but the link didn’t go through. I think you can fix that by signing out (see below the comment box). Then it’ll ask you to fill out email address and URL if you have one, afresh.

      2. I do, from time to time 🙂 I blog in spurts too. I’m so amazed at the regularity with which you’ve blogged! I think you may be able to click on my name to my current blog now. But you’ve been warned…I write in bursts and you may not find any continuity 🙂

  2. Hey Gal, great writing again. Besides crafting those thoughts so beautifully, when do u get the time to think so much? Do keep up, both – the thinking and the writing, and best wishes

    1. @coutoivan: Thinking is all I do. What else is there to do, in life? Thank you for the welcome back, by the way. I guess expression of some form will always be a part of my life (I hope) and I’m very grateful for the readers/listeners who make it possible for me.

  3. So, is it Ideasmith 2.0 or 3.0? After the catharsis? (Btw, this catharsis through your writing also helps readers go through their own version of catharsis)


    1. @Ranjan Varma: I’ve lost count but then what’s a number? 🙂 And thank you, quiet solid support like yours reminds me that writing is a companionable journey – the readers along with the writer.