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  1. There are many feminist aspects to a number of news items that don’t directly appear to be about women. But I believe that when discussed on a feminist blog, attention should be paid to the feminist implications.

    1. @israel travel: I wouldn’t call this a feminist blog. It is written by a woman, covers topics that interest both sexes and addresses the experience of being a woman and how it is different from a man. Feminism does creep in sometimes, in part because of the writer’s views but also because it is so easily confused with the kind of topics discussed here.

  2. @ideasmith: you are right, all women aren’t feminists and there are male feminists too.

    Feminism is not about male-bashing or man-hating. That is female chauvinism and misandry. Feminism has been misunderstood most of the time.

    I’m a feminist but I dont believe that women can go one living all their lives being a free and independent without any support from a man. Neither can man live without any female support.

    I also don’t believe in the you-can-have-it-all theory. Because nobody can have it all.

  3. @ Shefaly: I don’t think all women are feminists. In fact I think some of the women I know are bigger male chauvinists than the men themselves. But that brings us to – is male chauvinism the opposite of feminism? A post on this soon….

    @ AnonEcon: Male-bashing doesn’t constitute feminism. Pragni has her say on this and Chandni (linked to Pragni’s post) has a really interesting perspective on this. Feminism is about empowerment, the inherent freedom of choice that a woman has a right to, because she is an equal or at least a complement – not an inferior.

    @ Rambler: Right you are on that one. And well…I don’t men are necessary but I don’t think women are, either. As for partnership, that’s subjective and depends on the kind of person you are and what your needs are.

    @ Ashish: That’s a good way of putting it! 😀

    @ Dreamcatcher: Yes, you’re right. But it goes beyond that as well, doesn’t it? See Chandni’s post.

    @ Amey: Guilty as charged, sir. I can only imagine the treatment I’d have faced if I were a man running the XYFactor version of the idea-toons! 🙂

    @ Pragni: Read. Commented. Good post!

  4. AnonEcon: Don’t worry 🙂

    Yes, I agree with you. I am surrounded by men, who are dyed-in-the-wool feminists and sadly, I know a few women who deny that they are feminists in a desperate attempt to be ‘in’ with the guys. I have never denied my being a feminist nor have I ever had to worry about acceptance from guys or girls. So in short, yes I agree with you.

  5. @Shefaly: Oops, now I am in serious danger of being shot as a troll. First I misrepresented your position and now I misspelt your name. Apologies again.

  6. Very simply, you are a feminist (for me) because you’re living by your own principles, and you believe that you’re as capable as any of your male peers, peers who have received the same privileges and come from a similar background. Feminism is a lot to do with assertion of rights, beliefs, freedom from patriarchy, and among other things, fighting against stereotypes (which is a little bit about what this blog is about) and discrimination. (don’t you do that all the time?)

  7. I echo with rambler here, feminism is more of a ‘non-male’ part rather than ‘anti-male’. BTW Happy Women’s Day!! 🙂

  8. AnonEcon:

    IdeaSmith asked “Am I a feminist because…?”

    I supplied an answer to her query.

    If you generalise it to mean something else, well that is an error of extrapolation, isn’t it?

  9. I am yet to write about my views of a feminist and feminity… why is that these words always used wrongly.

    I do not think feminism is about male bashing… and I am sure you would agree with me on that one. If you say men are not I think a partner is necessary…what do you say?

  10. @Ideasmith: Maybe even when the dictionary feminists’ ideals are fulfilled, there will be people who will crib about men and point out their shortcomings. But to me, you are a feminist because you do your cribbing and criticising today, when the common sense holds that men are the superior sex and women are taught to blame themselves rather than blame the men.

    If the dictionary feminists are the prosecutors, you are a key eyewitness.

    @Shefaly: Beg to disagree. IMHO, all feminists are not women and all women are not feminists.

  11. You are a feminist because you are a woman. Why is it that it is ok for groups to huddle together if they play basketball or run marathons or make films, but not if they are the same gender or same race or same age? Why is the former acceptable while the latter is about -isms?