Where do we look for the truth? And how do we know if the answers we find are the right ones?


Several centuries of mankind and so much to show at the end of it…. science, technology, mathematics, art, culture, religion. Each one is an attempt to explain the universe that we see around us. And there is as yet so much that we have still to understand. So much that we have only the vaguest of ideas about, a faint glimmer of understanding, so much that seems unbelievable and silly even…..and yet the concept of Earth as a sphere seemed ridiculous at a point of time. It would be naive to assume that the things we haven’t found a way to explain don’t exist at all.

Science and religion have waged a war for years. Various ways of understanding life and predicting the future have held popularity and died away. Some of them continue to conflict and co-exist. All over the world, people are trying to find answers to questions that have persisted….Who am I? What am I doing here? What is the meaning of life? Is there an after-life? Is there God? Where are we going?

I don’t claim to have any of the answers. But I’ve been looking for them for a long time and I think I might find them by listening to voices that have been speaking for years….the voices of intuition. I see some common reactions when I discuss this with others. There is the all out skepticism, the retorts about ‘mumbo-jumbo’. There are also those who fear the ‘dark arts’ and things that don’t fit into their daily frame of reference. However there is almost always a strong interest, a fascination with that which is not directly visible to our eyes. The Celestine Prophecy predicts a world-wide awakening to things hithero unexplained by science or any of the ‘rational’ thought-processes. I can see that happening all around me.

I like to think of a nice metaphor to illustrate this. Think of a house with 5 people in it. These five people live in it, interact with each other and take decisions on how to run the house. Each of them has a way of looking at things, unique strengths and shortcomings. Four of these people have had the power divided among themselves for a long time and have allotted roles in decision-making. The fifth one has just a voice but no one hears it.

These five people are:
My mind: Intelligence, logic, intellect, rationale
My heart: Emotions, feelings, attachments
My body: Physical sensations, whatever can be touched and felt
My people: Family, friends and anybody who had an influence on me.
My intuition

The first four have their say in some way or the other. In a lot of people one of those is a dominant factor and overshadows the others. Intuition barely has a say for most people or when it does, it is attributed to the emotions. I am making a distinction here between emotions and intuitions. One is what we feel for the world around us…it is expression….of love, hate, anger, surprise, betrayal, fondness etc. The other is what is internalized from the world outside us…it is impression…messages that come into our being, which we don’t listen to because we are conditioned to believe only in what comes in through our eyes and ears.

Since I’ve started listening, I find my awareness of my intuition has increased. I cannot say my intuition has improved because it has always been there. It is like I suddenly realize that the voice has been there all my life, only I never chose to listen to it or acknowledge its presence. It is akin to tuning into radio frequencies and stopping at one point and realizing that what you’d written off as white noise so far is actually music.

I’ll take the metaphor furthur. Someone I know says that she never experiences intuition and she always wonders whether what she hears inside her head are her own fears and/or her wants. I know that feeling, I used to experience that too. It is like the heart sometimes speaks the words of intution in her voice…..so what we think are our emotions are actually our intuitions. I look back at the people I gravitate to and now I’m able to see which of those are people I chose because I liked them and which of those I was compelled to meet to fulfil a higher pattern.

The mind and body play these games as well. Fear itself is a joint effort of intuition, mind and body. Science has broken down the fear instinct and explained how it is a legacy of our animal ancestors to sense danger and be physically prepared to run, defend or attack. In a lot of ways the distinction between mind and intuition blurs and I really can’t say which is which.

I’ll end this by saying that we are incomplete until every force inside us finds a voice. If you give a person a chance to speak, he will eventually say something. It is just upto each of us to figure out whether we really do want to listen to what our intuition is telling us.

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7 thoughts on “Voices

  1. In response to typical discounting that we do of so-called ‘mumbo-jumbo’, a wise man whom I met and learnt a lot from said ‘Respect the Unknown’ and that is what I do.
    This morning I was speaking to a colleague on Intuition and we discovered together how our intuition has guided us many times and we have chosen to ignore it, I try not to do it any longer.

  2. Intiution is something like knowing the result of a problem without the logic to lead to it.

    Mind is something which tries to give us the logic leading to a result (maybe not the correct result since we do not know all the postulates and axioms – we are not God).

    Emotion is something which makes us feel the result to the problem.

    Touch feeds our mind and emotion.

    People don’t mean a thing.

    Feedback to the questionnaire, a very insightful one.

  3. i too belive in the power of intuition or even dreams. they say a dream is seen thru the mind and eyes cannot see them. therefore very often u will find that u dreamt something and that became true in the morning

  4. @ Shreyasi: ‘Respect the unknown’ is a good thought. Unfortunately most of us fear the unknown. But then again, a lot of people haven’t learnt to distinguish fear from respect.

    @ ABC: Those are some interesting thoughts, though I don’t agree with all of them.

    I don’t think intuition gives you the answer…at least I’ve never had those ‘bolt-out-of-the-blue’ things just appear magically. But my intuition has given me some sense of direction, a sort of light in a dark cave when I’m groping for answers.

    I’d agree with your definition of mind.

    Not so with emotions though…they sort of happen in parallel with intuition, before, during and after the process.

    Touch (and all our senses) are the source of our impressions so I guess we’re together on that one. I’d actually count people in with this too. So many of my revelations and milestones have happened directly or indirectly due to the people in my life.

    @ Itchingtowrite: I’m unsure on my stand on dreams. Someone I know described dreams as ‘your mind flushing out’. I can believe that at the moment. But I guess there are also some clues to intution in there…after all you tend to dream about your deepest fears, joys, dreams and such. None of my sleep-dreams have really come true so far…but I’ve had several deja vu moments and also that feeling that something is just GOING TO happen and it does!

  5. It’s easier to intellectualise about them rather than doing something about them!!I feel that Mind, Body and Soul are interdependent. One needs the other two to thrive.

    Each has its strength and weakness. While the mind is powerful and has the ability to understand and coordinate it can also run like a monkey difficult to restrain.

    The body is an amazing gift. Despite advances in Science it is difficult to replicate the heart, the veins, the nerves, the stomach, pancreas, intestines, et al. But it easily gives in to negative thoughts. Mind overpowers matter easily.

    The soul is all powerful. But as is said in the Tao, that which speaks doesn’t know and what knows doen’t speak. So the mind and the body take advantage of Soul’s silence to have their own playground.

    Together they can be powerful. Alone they can win some battles but not the war.

    I don’t know how to bring the three musketeers together??

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