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  1. @ideasmith: i surely know what u have to say 😀

    @alazyguy: Dude, relatively speaking, in the race for luring opposite sexes, trust me though we have one weapon, ladies do possess n number of WMD!

  2. Men too have started using silicon. So I guess we too have caught up. No more envy I guess. 😀

  3. @ alazyguy: Heard of ‘penis envy’? There’s this new thing called ‘breast envy’. Meow.

    @ Null: Ah, can we assume imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then?

  4. Another quote:
    Brain, vagina – these two things can never exist in a human being simultaneously.

  5. @ AnonEcon: Without doubt. But some of us are compulsive intellectual masturbators.

    @ Ashish: The man-hating rather than feminist is true. I’m glad SOMEBODY understands that!!! As for your hypothesis on women, you do know what I have to say to that, don’t you? 🙂

    @ Alazyguy, Mishi: Just for the record, I detest the word ‘boobs’. I prefer the much more accurate ‘bait’. 😉

  6. Mishi – have you noticed that most of the women try to show off their “boobs”.

    Why would a women want to wear high heels when your doctor tells you that it will surely bring back ache along?

    Its not because of the importance men give it, but because of the competition from other women.

    Nobody earns respect or love just like that. For women, before they earn it, they are treated as sex objects. For men, they get used for their money.

    Basically, I do not understand the point you are trying to prove.

    When women can use their boobs to lure men in the short run, so why should men not think with their penis?

  7. Ashish and alazyguy- Do u realise something-its because give such high premiums to looks and if I may say boobs-that they have started taking advantage of it….even if they dont- they r favoured ……..Men dont inherently think of attributing respect, love to a woman unless she “earns ” it

  8. Nice analytical post, but i echo with ‘alazyguy’ its sort of anti-male! Being fair to both the sexes, in general i can say that for a woman, out of Golden Heart, deceptive tendency & Good looks, at the most one can exist! And similarly for a man, out of Useful Brain, looks & tendency-to-fall-for-wrong-girl at the most one can exist! Obviously these can change with respect to circumstances!

  9. That is being anti-male, than being a feminist.

    I can bet a million bucks that a few men exist with the three you mentioned, but I can also bet that there is no women who has just a single heart.

    What men do is a 5-minute infidelity – women just are by nature, in their heart. They call it being elusive.

    Every woman has been so – with no exceptions.

    Of course, men are stupid when it comes to thinking about a woman, beyond a doubt.

    By the way, I am not a male chauvinist.

  10. ‘Heart, penis, no brain’ would be an interesting creature.

    Anyway, why should the symphony-writing, equation-solving part of the brain at all matter when considering relationships? Isn’t it good enough to have the empathy-feeling, mind-reading part of the brain, i.e. the heart.