At some point, you have to let go of the people who you think healed you because they’re no more than crutches. Maybe you needed them once but letting them go is part of growth.

There is no glory in suffering, no love in neediness. Shared pain is an opportunity, not a bond. The only real sharing is that of living. And to live is to evolve, to heal, to grow, to move.

You have to bid goodbye to who you were before you met them, when you needed them in order to find who you are without them. You still persist, can still thrive with or without your feelings for them. Do not carry guilt over growth.

Your growth is not linear. It loops & doubles back on itself or switches to a mirror image. Maybe you’ll find them again in other ways or in situations where you’ll lead them to healing. And that will be lessons for you too. It’ll happen when it happens, do not chase or construct it.

Say goodbye with gratitude. That may be the lesson you’re struggling to learn. Yet, what a wonderful teacher that makes you seek & acknowledge all that you have gained & grown in your relating. Hold it up, let it breathe, let it go.

Go gently into the world of living.


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