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  1. Funny i had to stumble upon this now…I am taking a break from April, don’t know for how long and don’t exactly know what i’d be doing (except that i need to stop writing code for a while)…So reading this felt good…The sight of Mor kozhambu was a bonus :)…

  2. Wow, those dishes look amazing. And that too with so much variety! Italian on one night and pukka south-indian on another. Very lucky dad and close friend 🙂

  3. First time here, love your blog! I’m on the same boat and I hear this question ALL the time – you know Richard Byrd, the polar explorer, who once said ” I should be able to live exactly as I chose, obedient to no necessities but those imposed by wind and night and cold, and to no man’s laws but my own.” I wish I could get it printed on a placard and take it everywhere I go!

  4. I did this in 2008-2009 (primarily because I had to), and was asked exactly the same thing i.e. “What ARE you doing?” (in addition to being informed that I was wasting my time, throwing away my non-existent career, etc.). Personally, for me though, it was amazing — I did a lot of the things I love to do: going for plays, reading, going for long walks, visiting museums, and I did it all at my own pace.

    Now that I’m off the “no work at all” phase, I still do those things but they have to be specifically scheduled quite a bit in advance, and that’s not something I’m entirely thrilled about.

    My taking time off was wonderful for me although, frankly, dealing with overinterested and curious spectators to my life wasn’t all that much fun. Thankfully, one of the things I did then was put a book together so that got them to shut up. It was important for me to take time off, look after myself, and recharge, so to speak.

    I hope your sabbatical works out well for you.

  5. spookily,i am on a “sabbatical” ..few months of “break” has breached more than a year .. and i didnt even know that this part of me existed.. totally relate to what u have written !