I love listicles about astrology! Here’s one more on my theme of #Zodiacarama.

The zodiac signs as 80s/90s Indian sweets.

♈ ARIES: Mango Mood & everything from the sour things thela wala – Makes weird faces. Makes you make weird faces. Everything is a dare.

♉ TAURUS: Monginis slice cake – Soft, sweet. What do you mean you want more, kitna khate rehte ho.

♊ GEMINI: Aeroplane toffee (sugared imli) – Is it sweet? It is sour? It is gone before you can decide. Also, Poppins (because Gemini means do-do). Self-explanatory.

♋ CANCER: Ravalgaon toffee – Is at all your birthdays. You never know what colour you’ll get but it’s always going to taste the same.

♌ LEO: Gold coin (See how malamaal I am) and Melody chocolates (cue dramatic tagline)

♍ VIRGO: Monaco – Should be boring in theory but everyone loves them. Pairs well with accompaniments but will also do the heavy lifting alone.

♎ LIBRA: Phantom cigarettes – Looks edgy. Is very sweet. Also doubles up as lipstick.

♏ SCORPIO: Rola-a-cola. Amul Bitter chocolate. – Looks harmless. A bit goth for kids.

♐ SAGITTARIUS: Center Shock bubblegum – Is a trick. Is funny when it’s with someone else. Not for the delicate.

♑ CAPRICORN: Maggi noodles – Efficient. Affordable. Won’t fill you up before dinner.

♒ AQUARIUS: Multicolored gola – Doesn’t seem fit for consumption. Will always surprise you. Will also give you a headache.

♓ PISCES: Kismi toffee bar – Sweet with a faint something you only realised now is elaichi just like you just realised it’s ‘kiss me’ & that’s a couple kissing on the cover.


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