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  1. Beautifully said-its a difficult choice….always…u can always love someone else as u love urself…but u love urself too dont u

  2. Isn’t it always for your own selfish needs, no matter what.

    I don’t think anyone has ever lived for anyone else. Every single deed is selfish – including a mother child relationship.

    If you choose to do it for the other person (or if you think so) – it is because you are too chicken to fight for what you want, or just scared to face emotional stress that comes along with it.

    If you choose to do it for yourself – you just aren’t being a hypocrite.

  3. what is life without some struggle….and oftner that not we tend to believe that we are the only ones making an exception, doing a compromise. Ppl who love us wld be doing the same somewhere quitely.

    if we learn to see those and appreciate them, it will not be such a lonely battle or pointless struggle….

    It is easy to be stubborn, stay yourself, never grow to encompass ppl in our lives… but the earier way need not always be the best.
    and it surely ends only in lonliness….

  4. Oh MY GOD!! I went through this dilemma for almost the whole of last year. And it killed me.
    It was quite literally choosing what I believed in (my ideals and truth) as versus a lonely life. Initially, I chose to compromise- But that WAS the harder way. I just could not live with myself. I hated myself for what I had done, had SOLD OUT for a relationship?
    That is again no longer worth it if it involves such extreme self-flagellation. I just could not forgive myself.
    Its about the most difficult thing to do in life.

    If you are honest and true to yourself, you just can’t do this. Can not give up all things you believe to be good and true and fair for the sake of love. You will never be able to love with it.

    Oh! I tried. I told myself that an empty bed by my side is worse. My ideals couldn’t keep me warm.
    Only it did NOT work.

  5. The tipping point for me is where you begin to forget what you yourself want to be and instead begin to internalize what the other wants you to be.

  6. At the end of the day, everybody is selfish, sacrifices are very hard to make specially while watching other person having best of times! Applies for both sexes though. To maintain the balance between sacrifice and selfishness is the key…the same one which i’ve always lost every time when needed….