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  1. Points three and four will help you a lot to have a pleasurable sexual experience. Reading this I feel more woman should try the cup as the learning experience could help them and their partners to have a more pleasurable experience. What do you think?

    1. @shannon: This is not a post about sex, it’s about menstrual health. The two of them may go hand in hand but the primary purpose of the menstrual cup is not sexual satisfaction. It’s convenience and hygiene for a woman during her menstrual cycle.

  2. I had read about menstrual cups before yet I found this post very informative. Could you please reveal which brand it was?

    1. @heelsmurfette: I’m using Silky Cup which is now available on The other brands I’ve heard of (but not used) are DivaCup and Lunette Cup. I think the friend who gave me the cup, uses one of these other ones as well. You’ll also find reviews of these on Youtube.

  3. I have been preaching the benefits of a menstrual cup for years so I’m really glad you’re adventurous enough to try! I have a lot of thoughts on the issue, maybe some of this stuff will help:
    -For disinfecting, I don’t really care about boiling it on my stove top so I just do it when my roommate isn’t home (she doesn’t use my pans anyways… and besides I clean it with soap before I put it in the pot so I don’t see why it should be unsanitary.) If I don’t feel like boiling it, sometimes I’ll just wash with soap then pour ethanol into it, letting it run out through the small vent hole things around the rim, and down the outside; then I just use my hands to rub the ethanol all over it.
    -After a few years, it does get discolored: the best thing to do is to soak it overnight in hydrogen peroxide. Works like a charm!
    -I use the punch down or origami fold, though I just saw this video and maybe the diamond or the labial fold will pop open easier:
    -To make sure it’s popped open, after I insert it I reach in to grab the base and rotate it back and forth a little. It helps. Also sometimes it leaks if I haven’t inserted it far enough; you can’t be timid, you gotta just get it up in there and show it who’s boss.
    -I always use backup because once you feel it leak, it’s full and you have zero time to book it to the restroom. I used to use pads/liners; lately I’ve started using cloth pads/liners which are breathable so they feel nicer when I have to wear them all day, and some of the materials are advanced enough that the top layer against the skin doesn’t even stay wet. But they’re a bit of a commitment for most people; I’m a convert but I understand that not everyone can stomach them.
    -You’re right about the messiness; I usually prefer to use a single-person bathroom with a sink right next to the toilet so I can rinse off right away, if I must change it in public.
    -Insertion and stuff gets easier with practice. The first few months were a challenge. Now i’m a pro. I used to have to squat way down in a tub or over a toilet; now I can basically insert it as easily as a tampon, in a seated position. Practicing in the shower helped.
    -The money saved and convenience of only carrying one thing while traveling is awesome. Plus also the environmental friendliness. There are so many reasons to use them I can’t even…

    Anyways sorry for rambling! I wish you and your cup the best of luck. 🙂

    1. @PlainT: This is more than a year later and I’m sorry for my late reply. All your tips have been helpful so thank you so much! Also, I changed cups last month to one without a stem, slightly broader rim and somewhat shorter height. I’ve also begun putting it in while lying flat on my back (slides in in a splitsecond!) and taking it out while sitting on the toilet (gets out equally quick). There’s much one learns about one’s body and this journey is still on. Thank God for this miracle invention!