Ramya looking at a bowl of chicken fries

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  1. how many of your friends /childhood friends/acquaintances/blog readers are scared to honestly tell you what they think ?
    like you have written ” It’s a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes and no one wants to be the honest kid pointing out the emperor is naked.”.
    I don’t know many people who are willing to stick their neck out to give their honest ,frank opinion ,if they fear they will be shamed on the person’s twitter timeline and other social media streams .
    And be labelled as “moral policing, bullying busybody ,unsolicited comments, bullied out guilted out ”
    could labeling a person brand that person for life ?
    could this be the reason why are there are hardly any replies to so many interesting threads and topics on your social media streams?
    maybe?maybe no? maybe they don’t have the time to reply.
    “Your tribe is people who give you that and who receive that from you without an element of transaction. ”
    The real tribe has no giving or taking .giving and taking is a transaction and will not last . And it is really easy to cut off these pseudo tribe acquaintances as it was all about the pseudo transaction . Begin comfortable with a person who does not give or take is what i call the true friends. and i know you have some lovely childhood friends who just like you for being you.

    1. Hi “Suresh” (which we both know is not your real name),
      Your actions & words, including this comment, are poisonous and constitute harassment. You are no friend of mine and I do not permit you any kind of association with me. Do not contact me again here or anywhere else, even through fake ids like this one. If you do, I will report you to the authorities.