Paper plane tattoo

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    1. @Brad: It’s a metaphorical plane. And in that universe, the plane carries ideas and ways of being that don’t need to be held onto anymore. The pilot is there to take the plane to other places and people. Control tower has other pilots and planes in their hangar. Have you seen this?

  1. The dragon tattoo always intrigued me .In those early days when you were anon and the tattoo was the header image.It ignited so many questions. who is this blogger. Is she/he part of the yakuza?(j/k 🙂 ).Where is this tattoo on the back?Is the tattoo sending a message to readers?Those were the days , when bloggers was like divas on the net.
    Love the paper plan tattoo it is vibrant and colorful .

    1. @sam: 🙂 Those good old days. My 15 nanoseconds of fame. The tattoo is not the back. But if you read the blog regularly, you know that already.

      And thank you on the paper plane tattoo. It’s still healing but it’s already making my life better every day.