We carve our own destiny


I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul
Oh, but she can’t take you anywhere
You don’t already know how to go

Not my words but someone else’s.
And for a change, not for me, but for someone else
Who I actually hope finds that peaceful, easy feeling

Non-interference is not the same as indifference
Sometimes you have to let people find their own path
And hope that, perhaps, in some way it leads to you
Or at least brings them close to your route so you can wave to them when they pass

After all, isn’t accepting a person as they are, a part of really caring? And real respect includes not playing games.

3 thoughts on “We carve our own destiny

  1. Make sure that the other person realizes the line you have drawn. It can be mistaken for being cold, selfish or self-centered.

  2. @ Stranger: Like I said, you have to let people find their own path…even if it is only the realisation that they can choose where and how they walk.

    @ ABC: I know. But again, you can’t change a person’s mind. They must believe what they believe. After all they have just as much right to their mistakes and illusions as you and I do.

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