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  1. I remember! Drink and drive the whole stretch and back on day #1. Those were the days! Toyota Qualis & The Berlin Walll hahahaha, very well written. You bring back some memories.

  2. Okay, I didn’t knew what you were talking about before I read this [Hangs head in shame] Well sue me for not watching the news.

    But this sure looks pretty awesome. Would love to see it on the next trip to mumbai. 😀

    Thanks for sharing the moment and the pics. 😛
    .-= Aniket Thakkar´s last blog ..Small Talk =-.

  3. Pretty nice review! I like the pics too. Somehow the cynical tinge was uncalled for! Also amusing that your Dad thought there could be colony of nest in middle of sea !! Sea gulls do make lot of noise and I guess they’d be happy to find a structure to chill on before their usual landing on the beach/bay

  4. Gr8 pics. On the spot and lively 🙂

    I do Hope this over budget and out of schedule bridge serves the purpose for an ordinary Mumbaikar.
    .-= Chanda @ BizDharma´s last blog ..Nandan Nilekani can sneeze but Steve Jobs cannot ! =-.

  5. All this talk and the pictures make me so proud – and jealous at the same time. I wish this was inaugurated in Dec. 2008 as per schedule – wud hv got to ride it then! Oh well…thanks for the update though.

  6. I am sure Bombay now feels even more like New York than ever before. There is a panoramic pic of the link on its wiki page. It gives a new dimension to the pics of Bombay that anyone would have seen so far.
    .-= Gradwolf´s last blog ..Switching Coordinates =-.

    1. @Gradwolf: I don’t think so, unless New York has rattling autorickshaws and pot-holed roads. This sealink has been far too long in coming, as it is. Let’s hope now that it is up and running, the authorities can concentrate on ramping up the rest of the city’s infrastructure.

      @ajit gopalakrishnan, Chanda: 🙂 Thengyu.

      @Moonie: The nest wasn’t in the middle of the sea. It was under the railings at the very edge of the road, before the sealink begun. Understandably that area would have been undisturbed for a long time. Also, it was a flock of crows, not seagulls.

      @Aniket: Aajaaiye janab, we would be happy to take you on a tour!