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  1. you forgot teh sub-casts thate xisist withing the casts- like the east and the west, western line and central line… suburbs and navi mumbai….

  2. I agree with you to an extent. This sort of casteism does exist. But there are other forms of casteism as well. People staying in bandra or Lokhandwala since childhood, hardly know of any other place in Bombay. For them Bombay is the Colabas & Worlis, the Bandra & the Lokhandwala and the Versovas & Phoenix Mills. Whereas the real Bombay was always the the Parels(with the mills), Lalbaug (with the spice markets), Masjid Bunder(with all trading) and so many others.
    Some of my friends who have been born & brought up in Bombay call me(I’m just 5 years in this city) to ask directions if they are going to Thane or Sewri. For them anything on the Central suburbs just deos not exist.

  3. Moral of the story- Casteism is inborn with us- put us anywhr and we will find a way of distinguishing ourselves and classify ourselves- highs and lows:)))

  4. @ Shubhojit: Precisely. See my reply to Sensorcaine.

    @ Mishi: Sad, no? We’re victims of our own compulsive stereotyping.

    @ Pensive Lawyer: Yes well, there are few angels among the demons…as also a few human beings in the profession of law 😉