The appraisal

We’re a great team!

A good partnership can only be between equals!


So how did it go?

Okay. How about you?

Not bad.

What now?

Let’s wait and see.

She didn’t tell him about her promotion.
He didn’t tell her he’d been asked to leave.

And by mutual unspoken consent,
The conversation stayed between equals.

6 thoughts on “The appraisal

  1. always enjoyed reading your 55 word story…but this one is seriously brilliant…(actually fucking brilliant was what came out of my mouth first after reading it)..maybe there were more also (there are infact)…but i culdnt resist from leaving a comment behind after reading this…u r a brilliant reading your words..keep writing

  2. I missed out on a promotion. Been shifted to a boring assignment from a glamorous one. I’m beginning to feel like an outsider within my work place.

    I’m not unhappy. And sure that I will not bump into an equal.

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