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  1. Hi i guess each person has a different me fall in love n tell me.thats the most beautiful be loved by someone is truely a beautiful feeling.

  2. Wow I love how you thoughts have matured
    Over the years.i think you can only
    Connect with people at a deeper level
    If you remove sex marriage hookup
    From the initial conversion. Its hard
    Very hard for a guy at times when talking at lot
    With an attractive woman.but knowing
    How you vibe at a deeper level helps
    Take the relationship to a deeper level
    .but for some it could start with fun sexual encounters
    .friends ,sex partners , mean different things to
    Different people .and I respect their decision.
    Sometimes rigidity of thought may make us misss out on
    Exciting exorriences or make us miserable.
    Everything in life is a game of dice