The alarm

Long time it’s been since I wanted to say

I hate you.

It’s a violent, mad-bad, insane feeling. And its good. The capacity to hate stems from the capacity to love.

You don’t always wake up in the most pleasant way possible….more often than not, being jolted awake, startled… having cold water thrown at you or even like falling off sleep into the waking-world in the most undignified way possible. Coming back to life is much the same thing. Love and all the positive emotions in the world can intoxicate you into coma. And something unexpectedly dark, caffeine-like can bring you back to the world of the living.Β 

From the SATC episode I watched this week:

She realised that she would never be able to do to him what he had done to her. Because she hadn’t reached the point of having no feelings at all. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing, after all.

8 thoughts on “The alarm

  1. The moment when one reaches the point of “no-feelings” is indication for other person to move on in a relationship….I still wonder about the dynamics of relationships, where people who claim to love each other at first place, can reach to the point of no feelings! On top of that, what about the other person who is still filled with feelings??
    FYI: Been there Experienced that!!!
    Nice post by the way!!!!

  2. Brilliant post..been there done I know…and I absolutely agree with ashish on this…how the f do people claim to love each other when they DO reach a “no-feelings left at all” point in a relationship?? Strange world, this is.

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