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  1. If what you wrote was true, then let me congratulate you for making it through. If you have a minute or two, you might want to read the story on suicide that might help you. OR irritate you.

    Lousy rhyme, but the story is better.

    a well wisher.
    Scribblers Inc.
    .-= mithun´s last blog ..Repeat Telecast =-.

    1. @Rashmi: With an emphasis on ‘a little bit of’.

      @rahul: I was talking about self-preservation, not callousness. ‘Don’t give a fuck to anyone’ just makes one a spoilt brat and ultimately – a lonely loser.

      @Broom: So glad you got that!

      @Ms Taggart: Sometimes one does love another even more than one loves oneself. It’s a ground-shaking experience but it teaches you so much about yourself.

  2. Rahul, just because a person loves themselves doesn’t mean they “don’t give fuck to anyone”.
    That’s a very narrow interpretation of this post.

  3. A lil bit of selfishness is good 🙂

    A friend once advised me and I shall always remember that “Try and be a lil selfish”