Survival Skill

I thought I’d die if I didn’t have you
And I very nearly threw away my life when you asked me to
Just about but not quite
Because in the last minute, some shred of something pulled me back
What was it?
Self-preservation? Self-respect? Dignity? Sensibility?

You called it selfishness
I’m so glad that I’m a selfish person
It saved my life
That I loved me more than I loved you.

9 thoughts on “Survival Skill

  1. Rahul, just because a person loves themselves doesn’t mean they “don’t give fuck to anyone”.
    That’s a very narrow interpretation of this post.

    1. @Rashmi: With an emphasis on ‘a little bit of’.

      @rahul: I was talking about self-preservation, not callousness. ‘Don’t give a fuck to anyone’ just makes one a spoilt brat and ultimately – a lonely loser.

      @Broom: So glad you got that!

      @Ms Taggart: Sometimes one does love another even more than one loves oneself. It’s a ground-shaking experience but it teaches you so much about yourself.

  2. If what you wrote was true, then let me congratulate you for making it through. If you have a minute or two, you might want to read the story on suicide that might help you. OR irritate you.

    Lousy rhyme, but the story is better.

    a well wisher.
    Scribblers Inc.
    .-= mithun´s last blog ..Repeat Telecast =-.

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