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  1. And sometimes,
    looking up into the Sun
    some veiled sugar
    bottling all the pieces in,
    quietly seeping
    thickly concentrating,
    waiting for the Day,
    when it can tell off
    the hot tempered tadka types,
    “I dont need you sputtering folks;
    I am Chhunda….I last,
    and I bring happiness
    round the year …”

    1. @suranga date: Wow! 😀 I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the early days, when a few friends and I would have these poetry-in-comments conversations.

  2. Ramya !!!

    Thats adorable 🙂

    How you been?

    Guess what.. everytime I came back to your blog over the last 2 years, I have been thinking about sitting with you in barista for a coffee in the morning 🙂 Should do it again sometime?

    Next time I am in Mumbai – will try 🙂