facebook internet login screen

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  1. That sure is bold and daring! I thought FB was about networking, and online acquaintances, etc, just to keep in touch. But I do see your view point. If I understand correctly, for you there is no grey – it’s either black or white. Nice.

    1. @Ivan Couto: Not exactly. But there are people that I don’t want to engage with anymore because they are only bad for me. And there are a few that I don’t remember at all. Given the kind of personal updates & opinions people share on Facebook, these only clog up my timeline. Why would I care about where or what someone had for lunch when I don’t have a clue who they are? How does it interest me if someone I don’t know has gotten married or had a baby? These are people I weed out too. I live in a crowded city and I have a busy social life. I don’t lack for human beings around me. I’m just trying to streamline it to people who matter to me.