I hope you will find yourself beyond your wounds & your scars. Because you were there long before your bullies were. And you’re there after they’ve gone.

I hope you can see yourself in ways I can’t see you. Maybe nobody can or ever will. I know you already do, actually. But you hide it as you refuse to look into mirrors or run from people who reflect you to you.

I hope you find the courage to look. I hope you learn to like what you see. I hope you learn to love the bits you don’t like. You already do that so well with other people. Why is this so hard with yourself?

I hope when you look at your reflection beyond yourself, you will also see the joys between the pain. And treasure the lessons of the wins without letting them be stained by bitterness.

I hope you will find acceptance for the parts of you that don’t fit the mirror. Or other people’s imagination. I hope you will learn to remember who you are, beyond what you can do for other people. Because you exist beyond their needs & how well you fulfil them.

I hope you find your own hopes & transcend mine. And that they rise like the sun on the darkness you’ve experienced in your life. I hope this light will be reflected in your many mirrors.

I hope this for you & I hope this for me.


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