Following The Star

This was my Christmas 2021 post. ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ I always liked Christmas. It had to do with growing up in a Hindu family in a Christian village. Religion was up, close & intrusive as it is in India. But Christianity began with school prayers & ended with cake & Santa Claus in December. Even years later, ... Read More

I See Hope Silently

Let the waves comeLet the winds blowLet me be soaked, burnt, frozenTrampled by every manner of foe Let the shouts riseLet the voices echoLet there be slogans, insults, criesAnd words that land like blows I will melt, I will breakI will drown, I will searI will bear every wound & ache; no defensesI’ll welcome even ... Read More

Better Days

For some months now, Clubhouse has been my new social media toy. It has also been my solace, my refuge during the soul-shattering COVID-19 second wave. I’ve made friendships of a very different kind from any I’ve had before (even counting the pioneering days of chatrooms, blogs & Twitter). Hearing people’s voices through the dark ... Read More


I hope you will find yourself beyond your wounds & your scars. Because you were there long before your bullies were. And you’re there after they’ve gone. I hope you can see yourself in ways I can’t see you. Maybe nobody can or ever will. I know you already do, actually. But you hide it ... Read More

What’s Next?

I was looking up sarees online. My mother thought my choices might not look that impressive on video calls. I told her, “The pandemic will not last forever.” Three-fourths of a year into a global shutdown, I can see how it can be difficult to remember this. In addition, the lifting of lockdown is making ... Read More

Cheese Fondue

Another weeknight. Sparkling personality, biting wit. Feeling like you’ve done this too many times with too many people. Realising you know little about those you call your friends & others, you don’t care. Intimacy is not on the menu tonight. Wondering why across the room looks familiar. Imagine having dinner with jaded memory & realising ... Read More

The Waiting

I didn’t call it ‘The Wait’ because that implies a known finiteness, a visible end, a goal. How does one learn waiting when one has always lived from distraction to distraction? For what are goals but distractions from the fact that life is endless waiting while drifting. But notions of time and space (ergo speed) ... Read More

A Poet & A One-Woman Band

I was a high functioning workaholic in my 20s. It took me to stress health issues, abusive relationships, bad decisions. A frenzied mind does not have room for joy or the capacity to relax. It’s hard to answer the question, Are You Happy? It’s called workaholism because it is an addiction, an escape. I’ve been ... Read More

Transactions Of Hope

Do you say all the things to the world that you wish somebody would say to you? Do you spend your moments putting out what you’ve been told will come back to you, manifold?  It can feel like a lonely world when you find yourself sole custodian of cheer and hope and joy and good ... Read More

Who’s Here For The Screaming?

Summer is here and this time it seems harsher than it has been in past years. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not 2017 anymore. While the world is in turmoil in so many ways, it still feels like a better time for me personally than the last year was. Do we get ... Read More

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