Ray Of Light

He looks at her from the corner of his eye
Thinking she won’t notice
Secretly hoping she will
So secret, he won’t even admit to himself

She feels his look
Like sunlight, warm on her cheeks
Her eyes stay downcast
Shielded from his blinding gaze
Warmed nevertheless by its intensity

Then it starts to rain.

5 thoughts on “Ray Of Light

  1. Translation in a song-

    Ignorant himself, he looked fondly the sunset way,
    Wondered why she didn’t see it, what he saw that day,

    She looked askance, at the sand, for days and weeks,
    And all along, he never knew, her tear rolled down those sun grazed cheeks.

  2. The perfect ending? Maybe na?….somtimes, in not knowing, there exists a….longing. Rather, in not knowing, there exists hope. And in hope, we find joy.

    Beautifully expressed.

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