Rainy days and pseudo-Mondays get me down

No auto. No bus. No taxi. Feels like Monday on account of holiday yesterday and already it’s off to a bad start


An auto finally!!!!

*Vrrrooom vroom vrooom….kaff kaff….sputter sputter….*

Engine mein paani, madam. Have to get off.


Station ke paas bahut paani hoga. Public aage nahin jaane degi. Get off on the main road!



*Vrrroooom Vrooom Vroom kaff kaff sputter WHEEEEESSSSSSHHHHHHH*

Damn, this is starting to sound familiar now

Puncture, madam. Utarna padega!


No taxi. No bus.


Sigh….what’s God doing wasting so much water when there’s a friggin’ resource crunch in the world? Somedays life in this city is right out of a Kafka story.

9 thoughts on “Rainy days and pseudo-Mondays get me down

  1. @ Sumanth: And in the meantime IdeaSmith with make vain, egoistic attempts as well…

    @ Ashish: πŸ™ Why, why, why?????

    @ Rambler: You’re telling me?

    @ Mehrin: Huh?

    @ ??!: LOL…then again….wait till it’s one of the festivals…or a holiday…or just a day by the beach. It does have its good moments, this city does.

    @ apasserby: Can’t see it from office. Home on the weekend…

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