Can you fall in love over and over again?

Or it is just waking up to the same love every morning, albeit with a different face and name?

Who are we really having an affair with? Other people? Or with that one frame that we hold up to the world and give it the name of whoever we catch sight of, through it?

Frames need to be polished every now and then, taken down. But we can’t see too clearly without them. Umm…but do we see clearly with them, anyway?

3 thoughts on “Frames

  1. Isn’t love just a of finding someone who satisfies most of your sub-conscious logical needs which you have grown fond of as you you grown, seen in your close people, your idols, and through other means?

    Its just that you find very few (usually one) who just satisfies all those needs. The funny part is, your needs change with time.

    It is the frame – and the frame changes.

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