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Why My Life Really Began At Thirty

I started The Thirty Diaries a few months before I turned 30. So now feels like a good enough time to do the mid-way check. I’m six months away from my 35th birthday. But I’ve always been a rusher, a ‘little-ahead-of-myself’er. I was even born a week early. So, the…

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NovelRace 11: The Long, Dark Teatime Of The Writing Soul

My last NovelRace update was ages ago. I can’t quite explain why there hasn’t been one in all this while. Have I not been learning? Far from it. I’ve been reading like crazy. After an initial burst and burnout, I slowed down and prioritised my schedule. I’ve taken apart books…

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Quoted In TOI – Novelrace On Your Marks, Get Set, Write!

Yesterday marked the end of NovelRace and today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. Mahafreed Irani has written a great story in Times of India today about the two writing events. The story quotes Aditya, Samit, Vishal, Angad and me. Blogger Ramya Pandyan who is better known as Idea-smithy in…