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  1. hehe..yeah Im full self confessed hoarder…an xample was ..back when i finished my masters I had to clean out my locker and hand in all the apparatus..what i found was a collection of broken glassware..old glass ords..hidden..pieces of old semi used soap…pudiya of some unidentified white substance..lots of filter paper…old IR Spectra. and the it goes on and on and on….

  2. It’s Parkinson’s Law…and is one of my fav dictums to preach! I guess, most people have got quirks about hoarding unwanted stuff. I don’t stay my parents place any more, but I have got 3 cupboards with ‘my’ books, photo albums, old newspaper cuttings for some reason, magazines, pens, pencils, and some more stuff that I don’t even remember presently!–>