Outside Fairytales

Some day perhaps I will be in love
Deeply, passionately and forever
Like I imagined it would be

But now I doubt
That it will come to me in a flash of brilliance
Or with any real ‘signs’ or flashing arrows in the sky

I think what will happen instead
Is that in the swimming and running and flying
And all the actions that take up the business of living

In that sheer traffic of beings
That swim and run and fly alongside
And compete and collide and jostle and carry on

There is the familiar
And that is comfortable
And even on the run, it feels like home travels with me

That’s when I’ll realize love has been with me all along.

Hey friendly face,
I see you and wave
It’s so good to see you
Where are you headed?
I’ll travel with you
Anywhere you are, is home.

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