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  1. @ Rakhi, roy, rads, prajakta, chronicuskepticus: Mucho gracias.

    @ Kalpana: There is no end to love. (Cliched but true, right?)

    @ The Illuminator: Absolutely.

  2. I am the universe without you
    Also the universe within you.

    This poem goes far beyond ”muse”dictions. It’s a lot like the love affair we share with life, where enough is never the same it was before.

    The Illuminators last idea: Beheaded

  3. Eloquence! Words that i can feel, thoughts i can see…The depth and nature of the love and desire . But I cant fully fathom the end..maybe you can help ?

    Kalpanas last idea: Trust

  4. Woman, you must not write like this. You’ll very soon create addicts out of people like me. 🙂
    Very very profound, that’s about all I can say right now.