The difference between lust and desire
is the same one that differentiates annoyance from rage, irritation from wrath
All of them anger and yet…
the first is simply a dream,
a foggy outline of what the other could be

For lust after all can be satiated
and satiation signals completion
But desire can only be fulfilled
like your destiny is fulfilled
And can it ever be said that one’s destiny is complete?

Can I then say that I wish I had never known desire?
But I know no more what it is to feel that way.
Since the ‘I’ has been burned away
and all that remains is the desire.
The dream of the unfulfilled.

Is thirst nothing more
than a dream of water then?
And who would know
the feel, the texture, the essence,
the philosophy, the dharma of water better
than the thirst that it panders to?

No wonder then,
I think that,
no one understand you better than I
I imagine that,
I know you better than yourself
since all I am, is the aching need of you.

I am life as you know it…
and don’t, outside you
I am the inner recesses, of emotions that you won’t face
Just as I am the velvety slumber, that takes you into your dreamspace
to meet your imprisoned self,

I am the jailor of that prisoner
I am his dream of freedom
I am the open sky that beckons
I am the universe without you
Also the universe within you

So you know my love, why we must part?
I must be in so many places,
so many things to so many people
It is all you, after all, and the justification for you in this universe
And it takes effort to creat this production called life

And while I’m gone,
I let myself grow in your memories
of one who was everythin…and then nothing
till you distilled into the fulfilment of me,
And I, an expression of you

8 thoughts on “Muse

  1. Woman, you must not write like this. You’ll very soon create addicts out of people like me. πŸ™‚
    Very very profound, that’s about all I can say right now.

  2. Eloquence! Words that i can feel, thoughts i can see…The depth and nature of the love and desire . But I cant fully fathom the end..maybe you can help ?

    Kalpanas last idea: Trust

  3. I am the universe without you
    Also the universe within you.

    This poem goes far beyond ”muse”dictions. It’s a lot like the love affair we share with life, where enough is never the same it was before.

    The Illuminators last idea: Beheaded

  4. @ Rakhi, roy, rads, prajakta, chronicuskepticus: Mucho gracias.

    @ Kalpana: There is no end to love. (Cliched but true, right?)

    @ The Illuminator: Absolutely.

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