I Style!: Keep An Eagle Eye On That Bag!

I’m one of those women who loves big bags. I hated the style of tiny, itty-bitty handbags and clutches are my personal cross to bear. My favorite bags are all large, roomy creations. But sitting down at a restaurant or a cafe usually poses a problem. Such bags usually need a chair of their own and this causes quite a bit of resentment in a space-starved city like Mumbai. I don’t like the idea of putting the bag down on the floor (yech! Would you place your dupatta on the floor where people walk?). Most of these places have fancy furniture that doesn’t have a place to hang your handbag. And even if they did, the danger of someone walking off with your handbag is high. I usually end up bunching up my handbag on my lap, folding my legs cricket-style, despite the discomfort it entails.

That’s why I was tickled to see the accessory that the otherwise demure Pushpa had carried with her to Lavasa. When we sat down to dinner at the admittedly fine Chor Bizarre, she took out an unusual contraption from her handbag and quietly proceeded to set it up. I actually didn’t notice it till later when the glint of metal caught my eye from her corner of the table. I ignored it at first, putting it down to some fancy design on the wooden table. But when I stood up to leave the table, I noticed what it really was.

This handbag holder fastens onto the edge of a table and lets down a hook from which to hang your handbag.

The holder on the table isn’t an ugly block but has an interesting eagle’s face embellished onto it. Quite an eagle eye when it comes to watching your handbag!

For functionality and aesthetics, for the sheer innovativeness of this accessory, Pushpa features on I Style! Incidentally, the bag in the photographs belongs to Monika.

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2 thoughts on “I Style!: Keep An Eagle Eye On That Bag!

  1. Great contraption! I generally hang my bag on the chair I am sitting on. But yeah, no placing the bag on the floor.. no, no.

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