black round analog wall clock on black background

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  1. @ Renovatio: Ah, ‘The workshop today’ section? Thank you for letting me know…that’s a new feature with this new blog and I was just starting to wonder if anyone noticed it at all! Will be sure to update more often now that I know at least you are reading it!

    @ manuscrypts: Thengyu, thengyu….until next time, great idea? (Damn…no one can do it like da boy does..)

    @ SilverNeurotic: 🙂 Thank you. That was the intention as with all my posts. To express an idea and inspire some more in my readers.

  2. I like that, it’s an interesting image that I’ll probably be pondering for the rest of the day.

  3. Beautiful sentiments, and I especially enjoyed what you wrote on the (right) side bar. That’s something I’d love to see more of this year 🙂
    Have a great year.