Reading my medical file feels like a nostalgia trip & a mystery both in one. Sherlock Holmes & the case of falling blood pressure. Nancy Drew & the mystery of the hammers in the head. The Three Investigators & the missed period. Famous Five go on a sonography.

When I hit 35, I began getting health checks on my birthday. Blood sugar, liver, kidneys, gynac check etc. Since my birthday falls in July, it is a good mid-year check in. It’s building a relationship with my body, understanding its unique needs & learning to interpret its language.

Last year, my mother had health issues & went into surgery 3 days before my birthday. By the time things settled, it was end of the year. I thought I’d start 2020 afresh. Then the pandemic hit.

I had a pandemic birthday, turning 41 undramatically, the way I didn’t even realise I wanted. But not being able to swim or walk took away my health coping methods. Plus having no health checks + pentup stress. I’ve had my share of less-than-wellness in this time, most likely caused by anxiety but still worrisome. Migraines, acid reflux, menstrual cramps (which I thought I left behind in 2002). Sick because of health worries is a vicious circle.

The first day I decided to step out for short walks, I was knocked down by a delivery boy injuring both feet so I needed heavy medicines & possible X-ray which I couldn’t get. That’s when I decided I was tired of worrying about things I couldn’t control.

The emotional toll of the last few years of still weighs on me, making it difficult for me to just jump back into normal life. But last week, I finally got my health checks started. I was worried about what this body, neglected for 20 months would show up. Thankfully there was nothing alarming. The lab reports feel like a prize someone gave me for getting through most of these two yrs.

I got an eye test done, a new item on the medical agenda post 40. I was dreading it because of I’m used to my vanity. How would specs look on me? I need reading glasses. It’s a relief to unravel the mystery. I’ll survive. This body has been good to me.


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