Ageing grey woman

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  1. with the shrieks, cries, hairdresser solution (Oh I remember him :)) and acceptance, I know you to be fiesty yet accepting.
    You shall always be graceful, you have ‘it’…luck isn’t a party here!

  2. Same pinch!
    I will only sigh about the statement we(me and my husband) made to each other that we would age gracefully. And now.. here we are, behaving like teenagers who found gray hair! And crying over it.. and I am not even 30 yet!
    And yes.. my hair has been awesome too… so far! 🙁

    Ms Taggarts last idea: WOMM!

  3. I have TWO gray hairs. That too, right on top of my forehead. So it’s very difficult to hide them. 🙁
    And I’m not even 29!!!

  4. heh, I discoevred my first recently and blamed it completely on the stress I was going through. Though I knew I was just lying to myself. It's gray. So what? It'd be another color along with the coffee, mocha and black that now streaks my head! 🙂

    1. @ Brad: Oi, it’s the other side of 30, not 40…and I haven’t crossed it yet!!! What are you getting me for the big Three-O?

      @ rads: That gives me solace.

  5. Welcome to my side of the 40's. (Yeah, you are on the better side of 40) 😀 Positive. Think Positive.