Ageing grey woman

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  1. with the shrieks, cries, hairdresser solution (Oh I remember him :)) and acceptance, I know you to be fiesty yet accepting.
    You shall always be graceful, you have ‘it’…luck isn’t a party here!

  2. I have TWO gray hairs. That too, right on top of my forehead. So it’s very difficult to hide them. 🙁
    And I’m not even 29!!!

  3. heh, I discoevred my first recently and blamed it completely on the stress I was going through. Though I knew I was just lying to myself. It's gray. So what? It'd be another color along with the coffee, mocha and black that now streaks my head! 🙂

    1. @ Brad: Oi, it’s the other side of 30, not 40…and I haven’t crossed it yet!!! What are you getting me for the big Three-O?

      @ rads: That gives me solace.

  4. Welcome to my side of the 40's. (Yeah, you are on the better side of 40) 😀 Positive. Think Positive.